The human being inspires me.
The body is part of that inspiration but the soul and its conflict are also important to me.
In the subjects I have depicted, for the most part, two or more views of that individual are morphed together.
I believe that when depicting a soulful being, it is more truthful to provide several views, rather than just one.
I do not enjoy the breakup of the several depictions found in a triptych or series of a certain individual.
To me they do not present themselves as parts of a single being, ''??cuts of one stone''?? so to speak.
For this reason, I morph my subjects by working from photo collage studies. Since 1999, I have pursued the combination of acryclic and oil painting because it has given me the greatest satisfaction in my work.
I also work on comission, if my style can assist your needs, don't hesitate to contact me.
Love, peace and happiness,
Noelle Weimann van Dijk